Monday, March 26, 2007


I imagine some one who has made something bad and is running away so they dont catch him, like a spy or a thief. I think of a thief breaking into a house, getting money and runing away.

While listening this song, think of a farmer or a person with a cowboy hat, digging for gold. It reminds me of the people who digged for gold in the desert a long time ago. I also imagine a big farm with lots of animals like chickens and horses running, an old man with a banjo singing. I also imagine a lot of people dancing around moving their foot in a big crowdie place. It seems the people are having a good time singing, drinking and dancing. I imagine the people with old cloth, like if they where in 1911 or around. I also imagine people drinking beer and doing arm wrestling.

I imaging Arabs walking through the desert with their camels, it reminds me something like Egipt or Arabia. I also think of an old man with bear under the very hot sun, sweating. It reminds me of Osama Bin Laden. It makes me think of africans too. I think of one african singing out loud in a tribe.

Friday, March 23, 2007

TLP: Teen Life Project

Hi Mr. Hide has asked us to write what we think about the teen life project. I think it is a very good project in which we will learn many things around the world. At the beginning I didn’t like the idea of making this, I wasn’t interested with this. After a while, I began to like the idea of making this project, know, I think it is very cool. People have chosen very interesting subjects, for example global warming, terrorism, the effects of video games on people, and about the environment in which we live. We have learned a lot with this project and I think we will learn more interesting things. It has been very cool how we communicate with people we don’t know, like people in Asia and people in the United States. It is very interesting how we have made everything work. I think we have learned enough, but we will learn even more. I have chosen a very interesting topic that is global warming. With this topic I have learn a lot of things about global warming, things that affect our environment and will cause natural disasters and problems in a future, a future that is starting right now. So to conclude, I want to say I have like the project, and I have learn a lot of things.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Global Warming Causes & Effects

Hi, as you can see, I have made my lasts posts about global warming. This may be the last one of this subject so I'll try to make it the most interesting and conclude the subject.

Global warming is the term used to describe the increase of temperature in our planet.

As we have been seeing, global warming is a huge issue we have being dealing with since 1980 and up. People haven’t paid too much attention because if everyone knew the effects of global warming in our planet they would try to solve the problem and work together to stop global heating. In a future, Earth's climate will change forever, when global warming affects the entire earth, there would be nothing we can do to stop it; so we have to begin now, it is the only way to avoid the effects.

The Ozone Layer

The ozone layer is a region of the upper atmosphere, between about 15 and 30 kilometers high that contains a large amount of ozone that absorbs solar ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is terrible for us. It damages the skin, bringing skin cancer to people, it is a horrible disease. So in other words, the ozone layer is a shield that protects us from the suns harmful ultraviolet rays; we are dumb and we are eliminating that protective shield against the suns rays. Many things we do that we have no idea may be damaging our planet. The biggest hole in the ozone layer, where the harmful rays of the sun penetrate with more power causing more damage is at the poles. The worst of all is that the biggest amount of snow is at the poles, and there are the biggest holes of the ozone layer, so the ice and snow would melt faster.
We need to protect the ozone layer because it is what protects us, so if the ozone layer last longer, so do us.


The causes of global warming, also called global heating are created by many products made for human use, like cars. Cars are one of the objects that affect the most the ozone layer. The gases that come out from the muffler, emitted by the engine, cause the ozone layer to disappear; it makes the ozone layer weak. Global warming is mainly caused by the burning of fossil fuels, which increases the levels of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The United States is the world's largest producer of greenhouse gases that cause global warming, producing 25% of worldwide emissions. According to the EPA, the main causes of U.S. Global Warming pollution are:
Electricity Generation: 33.9%
Transportation: 26.8%
Industry: 18.8%
Agriculture: 7.6%
Residential: 7.6%
Commercial: 4.7%


Global warming will be caused by use, so we are the ones who will suffer the effects, and we are also dragging animals and the world with us, because all are going to be affected. Scientists estimate that global temperatures could increase between 1.4 and 5.8 °C by the year 2100, that’s a lot. Scientists have observed that these have been one of the hottest 12 years ever.

According to NASA, the polar ice cap is now melting at the rate of 9 percent per
decade. Arctic ice thickness has decreased 40 percent since the 1960s.

Global warming is terrible for our health, our planet, our selves, animals, the environment, the entire world would change, and this would be very different than before.
Animals are one of the most affected by global warming. Polar bears may extinct in a close future, global warming is melting the ice and snow left in the planet. The natural disasters caused by earth have been increasing; the number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has almost doubled in the last 30 years. The sea level have rise a lot and will continue to rise, in a future, the oceans would be bigger and the land will be smaller, when all the ice and snow from the earth has melt. This rising of sea level created coastal flooding, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, all of this caused by climate change.


To conclude, the environment is changing every year, we need to stop this change and protect earth. The earth is destroying with all this climate changes, natural disasters, and worst, humans. Humans are the ones who have the fault, we have the fault of global warming damaging the earth so WE have to take responsibility to protect it and try to avoid this disaster.


Friday, February 16, 2007


Hi, this time we are having a topic called Hurricanes. They are caused by the nature; they can be called wild weathers. Hurricanes cause a lot of damage in the coasts of some places like U.S and in the pacific where they are called typhoons. Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to people or places, so you need to be very careful if you are near any of them. Hurricanes Hurricanes are big masses of spinning winds that start over the sea. Hurricanes bring heavy rains, lightings, and very hard winds that create a lot of destruction. Hurricanes are composed by layers.

The feeder bands are the outer arms that spin very fast and the ones that cause more destruction. These bands make the storm look like a big spinning wheel. Each arm of the hurricane are giant storm clouds, this is from where the heavy rains, lightning, winds come from.

After the feeder band, comes the hurricane's eye wall. It is dark inside a hurricane's eye. Here is where the winds spin faster. All the very dense outer clouds cover the light, making the eye wall, a big dark hole. Inside in a hurricane's eye wall is where the fastest winds are created, they can spin at speeds of about 180 miles per hour, that is about 290 km/h, that is fastest than most of the cars. When planes are catch by a hurricane, or the storm tracker planes, they need to be very careful, the outer winds are very bad, but when an airplane enters the eye wall of the hurricane, it needs to be an expert pilot to handle well the plain or the plain can be tossed out of the eye, making it crash.

After the eye wall comes the last part of a hurricane, it is located in the middle, it is the hurricanes eye. Here, the winds of the hurricane are very calm.

Hurricanes create storm surges. A storm surge is when the hurricane makes a sudden rise of the sea level, bringing bigger waves that flood all the coasts. Hurricane Hugo's storm surge raised the water level 20 feet, that is about 10 meters, imaging that, the water level rising 10 meters; the storm surge make cars role off, boats crash ashore, trees flying out; a disaster. Hurricane Hugo killed about 504 people and much more where injured.

Hurricane Facts
  • Hurricanes can last 10 days before they run out their energy.
  • Hurricanes die out fast in cold water.
  • Hurricanes never form on the equator and never cross it.
  • They are slow, on water, they travel 15 miles per hour, not fast.

Some hurricane safety tips could be to always that you hear a hurricane is coming, be prepared, have food stored, blankets, cloth, and other types of supplies in case you cant go out. Stay togetehr with your family and if the autorities ask you to evacuate the area, evacuate is, it is for your safety, not thems.

So to conclude, remember: hurricanes are strong spinning winds created far at ocean. If winds reach the 74 miles per hour, or 120 km/h, they are called hurricanes. When they hit land, they slowdown, their power source is the ocean, so usually when hurricane hits main land they stop.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Natural Disasters

Global warming, it affects us all, while we are damaging the ozone layer, every day, without we noticing it, more harmful rays from the sun are penetrating the atmosphere and exposing us to future diseases. In a future, global l warming will cause more natural disasters and more often. Hurricanes Hurricanes are severe tropical cyclones (storms that revolve) that bring heavy rain and very strong winds that can cause a lot of damage. Hurricanes are created in the ocean far away from the coasts. They are created on sea surface by the Coriolis Effect (the moving of earth) in open waters in the oceans. They are mostly called Hurricanes, but in East China they are called Typhoons. Down by Australia and Africa, they are called tropical Cyclones. They have a few names, but their destruction power is the same. The earth is affected by them like by seasons. In North America, they hit the coasts at about from July to November. In 2004, about 8 or more hurricanes affected the earth. The famous Katrina was the hurricane that caused so much destruction to New Orleans; the city was completely destroyed. Ivan was the hurricane that went the farthest inland of all hurricanes. It went spinning until Alabama, then it slowed down and became a storm heading south and as soon as it reached water, it started again with all its strength. Hurricanes are devastating sources of massive destruction, but when they hit land, the start losing their force until they vanish. Hurricane Jeanne was also very devastating, maybe the most; it leaved 1.100 deaths In conclusion, hurricanes are terrible weapons of massive destruction, they can cause thousands of deaths in just days, not as many as a nuclear bomb, but thinking it is just a natural disaster caused by nature, is amazing how much it can destroy. Hurricanes are not the only natural disasters caused by global warming, now comes the tornadoes, Natural disaster.


Storm producing rotational winds up to 300 mph, the highest of any weather on
earth. Normally a tornado will form from a funnel-shaped cloud and touch the
earth for only a few minutes. However, during that time the tornado can travel
up to 70 mph, and leave a path of total destruction an average of a quarter-mile
wide and twenty miles long. Tornadoes may accompany thunderstorms and
hurricanes. (

So, tornadoes are very strong rotating winds that may include rain, lightning, and hail. They are very destructive, and they are the fastest moving winds on earth. Tornadoes are created when cold win mixes with a warm current; when they meet together they start spinning. Global warming will caused an increase of tornadoes, just like hurricanes, when the earth start warming and the effects of climate change.

Floods are normal where rain's water gets jam in a place, where it doesn’t drains. It is always caused by rain; the flooding of rivers, when too much water goes into a river and it raise its level, flooding all its surroundings.
Global Warming will melt all the ice in the artic and the water level of the ocean will rise, flooding all coasts. This is something we need to solve very fast, there would not be much left of coastal cities, like Cartagena.

All of these disasters will be created by Global Warming; you can say much of Earth will be destructed if we don’t act fast. All coastal cities will be flooded by water and Tsunamis caused by the climate changes and heat. Tornadoes will destruct the center of the United States, and the hurricanes, will destroy its coasts. Many people will be affected so tray to safe the planet, because it’s just ours and right now, we are destroying it leaving us with nothing.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Global Warming

An issue that we all face so we all should be concerned is global warming. Global warming is that we are damaging the ozone layer, causing the sun's harmful rays to penetrate in to the earth. They suns harmful rays are called UV, ultraviolet rays; they cause cancer and skin problems to humans. They suns rays, also heat up the earth, making the glaciers, and snow or ice landforms to melt, causing the level of the ocean to rise; this will make cities that are at sea level or below to flood. This change in temperature and sea level rising can bring a lot of natural disasters. Global warming will cause more natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados, fires; it will bring disaster to earth. We all need to worry, this would affect everyone. Global warming is all our fault. Cars, motor-cycles, buses, every vehicle used with gasoline or any petroleum product affect the environment. Most aerosol sprays that we bought also cause damage to the ozone layer. There are many products that we cant even imaging that they are harmful, but they are. Most cars, the ones that work with gas, damage a lot the ozone layer and imaging how many cars are in the entire world. Now there are several brands of cars that are creating what is called a Hybrid, for example, Toyota has made a few hybrid models. We all need to work to save the environment, because the Earth is from everyone, so we have to protect it in order to maintain alive.

Effects of Global Warming

Some effects global warming would cause are:

- Heat waves and periods of unusual warm weather.
- Ocean warming and sea level risie and coastal floodings.
- Glaciar melting.
- Artict and antarctic warming.

- Spreading diseases.
- Earlier spring arrival.
- Plant an animal range shifts and population changes.
- coral reef bleaching.
- Downpours, heavy snowfalls, and floodings.
- Drioughts and fires.

All this disasters listed above are going to be consequences of global warming, it is terrible that this things occur, thay will bring more natural disasters. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis are some of them.

People are trying to stop polluting the earth in several ways that could help.
Some are doing car pool. Car pooling is when you take someone to a place that you ae going too, so they do not need to use their car, and produce more pollution. Peolpe are also trying to consume less energy. Turning off the light, the T.V, the P.C, any thing that you can do to consume less energy is very helpful.
The goverment is making people who make prducts, to make products that dont damage the ozone layer, and that do not contaminate.

Global warming cause somehting called the greenhouse effect. Supose you are in your car, and there is a very strong sun, when the rays penetrated through the window, the heat will be trapped, making it hotter. Thsi would happen in houses buildings, everywhere would be hotter.

All of this is our fault, we have make this, global warming would be in some years, but it can start tomorrow, or any other day, the sun will be stronger, and the disaster would occur.

Monday, January 15, 2007

My Life In Cartagena

I am Arnold, I have 13 years and I live in Cartagena, Colombia. I study in Jorge Washington School; I'm in Middle School in 7th grade. In Cartagena in week days, I get up at 6 AM before going to school from 7 AM to 2:30 PM. After 2:30 I go to my home and have lunch, sleep a while and do my homework for the day after. About at 6 Pm when I'm done with everything, I begin to watch T.V and talk by MSN. I do this from Monday until Thursday.

On Friday when I get home from school, I start talking with my friends to see what are we doing, some times we go to the movies, other days we play soccer, or we go out at night to eat. The most common places were we are, are Campito 2010, were we play soccer most of the times; and McDonald or The Otoyal, were we go out at night for eating.

Most Saturdays I'm with my father at my farm. There I ride horse, cars, and dirt bikes. Sometimes I invite friends, other times I go with my cousins. There we spend all the day, sometimes I stay there to sleep, it is very cool.

Sunday is very boring. Most of Sundays I don’t do anything, I stay in my room sleeping, watching T.V, using the computer and watching movies. It is boring because I know I need to sleep early and I can’t go out at night because the next day there is school. This is what I do most of weekends. Friday, and Saturday are my favorite days.

I like cars, boats, dirt bikes, and airplanes. I am a movie fan, I like action movies like the James Bond movies, Miami vice, and The Departed, I also like the three Mission Impossible movies. I like to hear music; I like Rock, Trance, Reggueton, and Vallenato, each one is a different kind of music with very different rhythms.

Some issues we face here in Cartagena, Colombia, could be politicians. Cartagena could be a better place if there would be fewer problems with politics. Some politicians even steal money the mayor or the president gives to make new projects. There are other good politicians that are trying to solve this corruption problem.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Monsters Are Due On Mapple Street

In Monsters Are Due On Mapple Street, at the end of the story, the aliens said a few words. What the aliens said is that you only needed to take a few of their radios, telephones, and other machines and leaved them in the dark for a few hours and they would go crazy. They also said that their worst enemy is themselves; they mean that while they go crazy, they start accusing each other and trying to find a scapegoat. The aliens only needed to sit back and wait for the people in Mapple Street to destruct themselves by fighting between each other. The narrator says that you don’t need massive weapons for destruction and conquering, only thoughts and ideas could work.

I think that Rod Serling is totally right. You can have control with ideas and attitudes. I think Monsters Are Due On Mapple Street is a very good story if you think very well. You have to understand it to like it; for example, I like how the Aliens took control by making them to fight between them, it is a good strategy and was well done. People are their worst enemy; I think it may be true for some people, the people who don’t think very well. The very intelligent people who think and can control themselves, wouldn’t have the problem in the story. This is how it would affect the people today; it depends on their intelligence and knowledge.

Today, that would be very difficult to happen. Know the governments have radars and very advance technology who could detect any strange object in the sky. Suppose that nothing detects a strange object or spacecraft; if it happened in a very big city, you couldn’t do how they aliens did, street by street. If you where making that in a big city, you would have to make it in the entire city at once. It would be more difficult but the chaos would be greater. Today, if the same happens, it could damage equipments like: cars, boats, airplanes, TV’s, telephones, Computers, Internet, radios, satellites and much more things. Today people know more about aliens and U.F.O's than what they knew in 1950's. Today, Tommy's source of information could be T.V or Internet, not comic books.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Travis Pastrana ( Back-Flip)

Motocross is an extreme sport that consists in winning races in special off-road motor cycles build for jumping very high. I love motocross, I think it is great, the feeling that you have when you jump a ramp and your are in the air is very cool. There are different types of categories. There is Super Cross, Motocross, and Freestyle. In each of these categories, there are smaller categories. These are divided by the sizes of the engine. There are 80cc, 125cc, 250cc and 400cc.

Super Cross is the official races made in special dirt tracks. In a Super Cross race, there are about 20 or more athletes. In this category, the athletes made about 20 laps around a small dirt track. In the tracks, are placed lots of ramps and mini special mountains made for the riders to jump high. In Super cross are most common the 80cc's, the 125cc's and the 250cc, because the rest of the engines are too big to make that kind of jump. 80cc is a small engine for kids; 80 cc means eighty cubic centimeters (the engine's size). 125cc are in the middle class, it is for young adults. 250 are the best and the most interesting because they are full size dirt bikes for any type of age and size. The best rider, the one’s who are winning know are: Ricky Carmichael, James Stuart, and Chad Reed. These are the biggest rivals. Ricky C. rides a Suzuki, James S. rides a Kawasaki, and Chad R. rides a Yamaha ( the best for me); but it doesn’t matter because they are all big rivals. I think Carmichael is the best one.

Motocross is almost the same as super cross; only that the tracks in Motocross are open fields and rural areas. The race also last longer. Motocross is less famous than Super cross. In Motocross, the size of the engines can be bigger; this is because here there aren’t those tremendous jumps. The world most important motocross series are the: FIM'S Grand Prixs - the World Championship series and the AMA'S, American National Championship.

The last and the coolest of all is the Freestyle category. In these competitions are were the huge jumps are made. This category is new. In here it is not a race; it is who makes the biggest jump, the best trick in the air while you jump and the best landing. Here it all depends what was the trick that you make, and how difficult was it. The most famous trick is the back-flip. In the back-flip, you jump and in the air you give a flip back sides. The first man to do this dangerous trick was Carey Hart. Soon all riders began to perform this trick and to make it better. In 2006's X-game, Travis Pastrana, a well known rider, became the first man to do a double back-flip. He obtained the gold medal for it. I think Travis Pastrana is the best rider in the history. There are lots of tricks invented by people. Another very famous is the ¨Super Man¨. It consists in while you are in the air, you jump to the back side of the bike and grab it, and there you make a position that looks like superman. There is also the Knack-Knack, Heel-clicker, Lazyboy, and much more tricks. Riders perform jumps and stunts ranging from 80-150 feet in length. These tracks, you come at high speed and perform a jump in a much tilted ramp; then you land and watch your score.

Motocross is a very dangerous sport, so you need a very safety gear. The most necessary equipment is the helmet, boots, special pants and jersey, goggles for their helmet, gloves, knee guards, elbow guards, deflector and other things. Wearing all this maybe a little uncomfortable and expensive, but it is for protection, any of those things can save your live and prevent other things to happen to you. I don’t like wearing them, every time I put them on, I said that I wont need it, but everything have a reason, I don’t known when I am going to fall.

I the freestyle history there have been lots of professionals. I said that Travis Pastrana has been the best, so said the judges and other people. The most famous have been: 1.Travis Pastrana for making the double back flip and other stunts. 2. Mike Metzger called the Godfather; first to master the back flip. 3. Brian Deegan; first ever to do a 360(some say an off-axis back flip because it isn't as flat). 4. ¨Mad Mike¨ Jones, Craziest guy on a motorbike. known for flipping over the handlebars and making the Kiss Of Death and the no handed lander. 5. Nate Adams, the only one who has beat Travis Pastrana three times. These have been riders who have make history in the Freestyle Motocross, but no one like Travis Pastrana.

Me and my Yamaha 250 cc

- Some information was found in

Monday, October 23, 2006

Short Story Draft

St. Thomas

" Hurry people, we are going to be very late and the cruise is going to leave us". That was the first thingI heared one morning in Miami. It was my mother screaming at us because we had to gert the cruise to the caribbean before it leaved us.
It was nine o'clock and we thought the cruise was leaving at eleven o'clock AM.
We hurry and took a short bath, putted our cloth, said good bye to all my cousins who lived in Miami and went to gates where passengers passed through a lot of heavy security and a lot of huge lines. We lived our mom and our sister, my father and me, went to give back the car we had rented. In the way to the car rent, we got lost. I was scared because I thought I was going to loose the ship. the we saw a patrol car besides us and we asked them where the car rent was.
"Hey, can you please tell us where is the car rent?" "we are los and we dont know how to get there", I said.
"Follow us", said the cops in a very show off way.
They showed us the way so we returned the car and a little bus with a Haitian driver took us to the Port. When we got there, we couldn’t find my mom. There where two entry's, we took number one. We didn’t find our mom, so we said everything to the security people and they let us pass through about five hundred people, because the cruise can hold more than a thousand. Everyone was angry and I laughed in their faces. When we pass everyone, we founded my mom. After it we could enter the cruise, now we had our tickets and passports, cause she had them. Then we made the last line to enter the cruise, it was much shorter than the security and the entrance lines. In our way to the ship's door, there was a huge window and we could see through all the river that entered through there.
When we entered, we went to our rooms and sleeped a while, we where tired of all we had passes through. When everyone was on board, about twelve o'clock, they told us to go out to practice an emergency pass, it was not cool, it was very sunny and hot and we were stand in there hearing them. After that, we walked around the cruise for a while and we ate and whent to the pool. The first day it was full! It was very crowdy. That day I didnt swim much, cause I got bored about the people. Besides the pool, there was a group from dominica or something like that called Flare. They singed tropical music and Bob Marley songs. Eveyone in the cruise was happy. At night, we went through every shop the cruise had. Then we went to eat to a very big and elegant dinner room. The menu was very big, you could order anything free. The cruise leaved Miami about at ten PM, we where very worried and hurried a lot for nothing.
"This was the best trip that I have made", I told to my mom.

Friday, October 13, 2006

24 Hours of Le Mans


Le Mans is the world's most famous sports car endurance race. It means that in every race is not like a NASCAR or Formula 1, a normal Le Mans race lasts 12 to 24 hours. Le Mans is the name of the race and the name of one of the 3 race tracks. The3 tracks are the 12 Hours of Sebring, 24 Hour of Daytona, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Le Mans race track measures 13.650 km. It uses most of the country roads that remain public for the rest of the year. The first race was made in May 26 and 27 1923 and has since been run annually in June, with some exceptions.

There are about 50 cars, and are divided in to categories. These cars are to fast that in 1971 during a practice, a Porsche registered a top speed 386 km/h, about 240 mph, that’s very fast. After that, during the 1970's, they make the engines smaller with some rules to follow because it was becoming too dangerous. During the 1980's, the fast speeds came again. A driver called Roger Dorchy, reached 405 km/h but after a while the cars engine got damaged. The next year, a driver in a Sauber Mercedes C9 reached 400 km/h without any special modification. The F.I.S.A, "Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile" said it was to unsafe, and added 2 chicanes to lower the speeds.

Le Mans is also known for it does traject accidents. In 1955, there was very big accident causing 80 spectators dead and more than 100 injured; this is know as the 1955 Le Mans disaster. This caused some races canceled, after this shocking accident.

The most successful marques in the history of Le Mans were made by Porsche. Porsche having more than 16 victories established this record. Then comes Ferrari with 9 victories. Ford makes an important role in these races. Ford made its so famous and special Ford GT40, only to defeat Ferrari. Le Mans has a lot of marques competing. Some marques are Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Audi, Ford, Jaguar, Aston Martin, corvettes, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and much more. There is also an American Le Mans called American Le Mans Series. It is the same only that it is in America. The 2007 24 Hours of Le Mans will be the 75th Grand Prix of Endurance, and will take place on June 16 and June 17.

I like this type of races because it is not like the Formula 1 cars. These are the same cars you can buy but with a lot of tuning. I think it should be an honor to win this type of race, 24 hours driving a car at 300 km/h and racing other 50 cars, its amazing. I like this type of cars, specially the Lamborghini, it is my favorite. What’s yours?
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Monday, October 09, 2006

Horrible Vacation

In one summer vacation, I went to Florida(1). I was in Miami about 12 days and then I went to Tampa and to Orlando. (2)When I get to the hotel in Tampa, It was horrible. I saw the brochure and it seemed to be a nice place with a big pool. (3)The Hotel was small, dirty, and very hot.
I didn’t like, neither did my family. We decided that we were staying there only 3 days. (4)In the morning, I went to run around the hotel, I play soccer with my cousin, and I slept a while. (5)After I slept, I went to see the pool. (6)When I got to the pool, I preferred not to swim in it. (7)The pool was small, dirty, and crowdie. You could see the dirt in the floor from the outside. After seeing the pool, I thought it would be a better idea to go to a mall with my family. (8)When we went out, as the car traveled more of Tampa, we saw it was very cool. I thought I wouldn’t like it because of the hotel. My father asked me if I had liked the trip. (9)I say yes, but I didnt like the hotel. (10)We where going to Orlando the next day, after Orlando we where going back to Miami, then we where going home. When I got to Orlando it was very cool, and we stayed on a very cool resort with a lagoon and a cataract.
1. Prepositional phrase
2. Participal Phrase.
3. Modifier
4. Independent Clause
5. Prepositional phrase
6. Prepositional phrase
7. Modifier
8. phrase
9. Yes, NO, Interjections
10 INdependent Clauses.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Favorite Movie

What is your favorite movie? Mine is Bad Boys 2. It is a very cool action movie. I also like other movie like Miami Vice, 007 James Bond and the 3 movies of Mission Impossible. I am a movie fan, I like alot to see movies but Bad Boys 2 has been the best movie that I have ever see.

Bad Boys 2 is about two cops who want to catch a drug dealer with all hes money and drugs.
They try everything but the onlything that they do is bother their captain. Johnny Tapia is the drug dealer. He is a very bad Cuban who wants to take all his money to the house he builds in Cuba. During all of these Mike, falls in love for Syd, Marcus sister. After Mike and Marcus catch the money of Johnny, he kidnappes Syd and take her into Cuba, so Mike and Marcu whent to rescue her.
This is a very good information I founded in a page called IMDB.

Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, who are part of the Miami PD's Tactical
Narcotics Team (TNT), still don't always get along, and now they're keeping
secrets from each other. Mike's secret is that he's been seeing Marcus' sister,
Sydney "Syd" Burnett, a reported paper pusher for the DEA's New York office.
Marcus's secret is that he has asked for a transfer, because he wants to spend
more time with his family, and less time with Mike. That's all set aside when
their boss, Captain Howard, assigns them to stop the flow of record amounts of
ecstasy into the city. This puts Mike and Marcus on the trail of the most
dangerous enemy that they have ever faced...Cuban drug kingpin Hector Juan
Carlos "Johnny" Tapia, who wants to take control of the entire ecstasy trade in
the USA, and is working with local dealers and club owners such as Russian mafia
boss Alexei. Every time the Miami PD has ever arrested Tapia, Tapia has sued the
Miami PD for false arrest, and won millions of dollars. This has caused the
department to back off and not go after Tapia. Well, everyone has backed off
except for Mike and Marcus, who have never faced Tapia before. Now, it seems
that Tapia is using a mortuary as a cover for his operations, smuggling ecstacy
hidden inside dead bodies, while sending his money to Cuba in hidden
compartments in the coffins. While Mike and Marcus try to bring Tapia down, they
also deal with the discovery that Syd is actually working undercover for the DEA
to bring down a money laundering operation run by Alexei, and as part of her
undercover job, Syd is in deep with Tapia. When Haitian gangsters try to steal
Tapia's money and kill Syd, the two investigations cross paths. Syd's cover is
later blown, and she is kidnapped by Tapia, who takes her to his compound in
Cuba. With the unofficial help of people from the CIA, the Miami PD, and
anti-Castro forces in Cuba, Mike and Marcus head out to rescue Syd, and bring
Tapia down. How far will Tapia go to keep his drug empire? And how far will
Marcus and Mike go to rescue Syd?

I liked this movie because it has alot of intense action. It has car chases, boat scenes and alot opf shooting. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is very interesting.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes. You have make mistakes so do I. When I have a problem I tried to solve it without fighting or insulting with other people. There are times in which I get so mad that I start to throw things or kick things. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life.

One mistake that I would never forget is one that happened in my farm. I had a fight with my cousin. We fight because we both wanted to ride quad bike first, but I had already ride and I wanted to drive it again. My cousin got mad and we both started fighting. My father knew that I was wrong; it was my cousin’s turn to ride, so he let my cousin and not me. I got very mad and when my cousin passed near me in the quad bike, I threw a ball of mud in his head.

Later that day I apologize to him, it was very bad what I did. He was very mad, and he didn’t accepted my apologize. I understand that what I did was very bad for him; he had all his face dirty. When he said he didn’t accepted my apologize, he also said to me a bad word, and then we started fighting again. This time, I didn’t apologize, it was he's mistake. That day we kept fighting until we went to our home. I knew I had started and he had all the right to be angry with me but his insult was what makes me mad. I didn’t get punished because he also was looking to fight. In this problem, my father wasn’t involved too much. He stopped us and then he said that what I did was very bad, and I could have hurt him.

Usually when I have problems I am not to conflictive. What I don’t like is when people insult me. I always tried to solve it peacefully. There are sometimes that I’m not too peaceful but it is when I get too mad. One of my problems is that when I'm solving a problem, I get mad really fast.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Very Good Blog

I have like making a blog. I didn’t know how to do a bog or even what a blog was. I thank Mr. Hide because I have learned a lot this year. When I first thought of making a blog I thought it was about whatever subject I wanted; it wasn’t like that. I have to do one of what ever I want and another about a subject Mr. Hide assigns us. The only thing that I haven’t like is that it has become like a home work but it is still cool.

I have learned a lot of making a post or an entire blog. It is cool how you can make post and comments to your friend's blogs. I have like this. I even go to my blog or to anyone's blog at night, to see it or to write a comment.

It has been easier than what I expected. It is very easy to make a post or a blog. I thought it would be harder. I feel good about it.

Sometimes, I thought this would be boring. Other times I thought this would be cool. I have liked everything that I have made, some things where boring but most of them where good.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


On Friday September 15 I was going to see the movie MIAMI VICE. It was first in United States because the movie was made in there. I went with all of my friends that Friday to see it. It is a very good movie. Unfortunately I don’t know why, for some special reason CINEMA BOCAGRANDE cut some scenes in the movie. They cut boat races scenes and car pursuit. I know that some scenes where cut by the trailers. I also went into the movie official page.

After a tragic security breach in the Joint Inter-Agency Task Force (JIATF),
the FBI asks for help from the Miami authorities, who are not part of the
compromised group. This assignment goes to Detectives James 'Sonny' Crockett
(Colin Farrell) and Ricardo 'Rico' Tubbs (Jamie Foxx); Going undercover as
offshore boat racers and outlaw smugglers Sonny Burnett and Rico Cooper are
their undercover names. They take on the narcotrafick network of the mysterious
Archangel de Jesus Montoya and his Cuban Chinese banker Isabella. The intensity
of the case pushes Crockett and Tubbs out onto the edge where identity and
fabrication become blurred, where cop and player become one - especially when
Crockett falls for Isabella, and when there is an assault on Tubbs's loved ones.

I recommend this movie to everyone who likes action and shooting movies. It is very interesting and cool. It is a shame they cut scenes in here but it is still a very good movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Dangerous Rats

I think it is a story with no sense. Holland rats? It has some things that have no sense, but if you make a few changes it could be interesting. I think it needs more action and less fantasy. It would be a better story if you added more action, you could add like a big fight between the rats and the humans. At the beginning I didn’t imagine how it would end, it has a big change in the middle of the story that leaves you a little confuse. It has an unexpected ending. I never thought that what was on the ship where rats, I thought it was a ghost ship. I also think that the picture shown in the book is impropriated; it is not from the book, so why do they put it there. It could have been better. I had an experience when I was little with rats, but they are not so dangerous or scary how the book describes it. It is amazing how the rats covered the whole light house. It is true that rats are bad fierce animals and they transmit bad diseases, but no rats are that big. This story has something similar about Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates of the Caribbean is much better because it has much more action, fighting and shooting.

Monday, September 11, 2006

"The Crocodile Hunter dies"

In the scholastic webpage their is a very good article written by Suzanne Freeman about the death of the famous "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin. It is called "The Crocodile Hunter Dies"

It is very sad that a good man like Steve Irwin is dead, especially by a stingray. He had a dangerous life handling crocodiles, snakes, sharks, but what killed him was a stingray in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. He was 44, was married and had a son and a daughter.He was filming a new documentary and saw the stingrays and began to film them, suddenly the tail of the stingray rose up and strike him in the heart. It seems the stingray got scared and attacked, it is very rare but the tail of the stingray can be very big and very poisonous.There it says he was killed almost instantly. This sad accident was on Monday 4 of September in the coast of Australia, in Queensland. This is very sad to see, a man like Steve who took care of dangerous animals, he was very good and helpful. Deaths from encounters with stingrays are extremely rare. Irwin is only the third person in Australia to be killed by a stingray.

"I really do feel Australia has lost a wonderful and colorful son," Howard said.
“He took risks, he enjoyed life, and he brought immense joy to millions of
people, particularly to children. He was a wonderful character. He was a
passionate environmentalist. It's such a terrible loss."

This accident who took the life of Steve Irwin was very sad. It leaves a big emptiness in our hearts. Wherever he is, he is catching crocodiles in a better place.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Some of my Friend's Blogs

This is may friend Augustos blog. He like's optimist sailing.

Another cool one is JD's Blog. He likes to play music in his drum.

Sebastian's Blog is also very good. He likes to play soccer.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Technology and Education

Technology can help in education. Technology can be cars, computers, ipods etc. Technology makes your work easier. You can learn a lot using the Internet, so it is very educative. Technology may also be bad. In a computer for example you can search for things to learn but you can also enter in adult sites, and they are bad for education. People can make technology into bad things, cell phones are very good, you can take them everywhere so you can communicate, people can call others to joke and say bad things.
The calculator can be very helpful in math problems and that king of things, but some people used to cheat in tests, then they won’t learn a lot.